Cryptocurrency Simplified aims to be the stepping stone to bring the novice investor into the wonderful world of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency.

So you’ve heard of Bitcoin – Maybe you know of the incredible technology the blockchain brings to the world and as a result the huge monetary gains people have made. The vast majority of people originally venture into the cryptocurrency world purely to make some massive profit.

You’re thinking to yourself – “How do I buy Bitcoin?”

This website will guide you through the absolute basics of getting yourself into the Cryptocurrency world.
It has been written so that even the humble beginner with minimal technical knowledge can join in on this digital gold rush. Once you start buying, trading and selling cryptocurrencies you will want to explore the other pages on this website. They encompass terminology commonly used by traders; useful cryptocurrency resources; and ways to score free tokens through airdrops.

I have divided this guide into five sections so you can easily follow along and just work on ticking each section off before moving on to the next one. Take your time and finish each step entirely before attempting the next. Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies are incredible technologies and could possibly be the key to decentralising a multitude of industries in the not too distant future.

Step 1: Signing up to an Exchange

Step 2: Depositing your chosen currency (AUD/USD/EUR)

Step 3: Buying Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies

Step 4: (Optional) - Trading Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies

Step 5: Selling Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies