Below is a list of useful cryptocurrency resources in the Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency world. These resources are helpful to anyone wishing to assist their trading or profit taking. They may benefit you by simply increasing your knowledge on Cryptocurrency in general. Browse through the websites and apps listed below to see if any of them can assist you to make good decisions and profit when trading. Some of these Cryptocurrency resources relate to fundamental analyses of coins and tokens, these are always good indicators of potential movement in the market.

I will continue to update this page with any further useful cryptocurrency resources I use that help me determine profitable exit points, entry points, news, calculators, or any other beneficial website or app I feel the community could use to their advantage.

Useful Cryptocurrency Resources

Cryptocurrency Analysis


CoinMarketCap is a website that tracks Bitcoin, and most of the alternative coins on the market, and shows users the current value in dollars and Bitcoin for each altcoin.

Use this site to: Easily track the value change of your Cryptocurrency.


CoinMarketCal is a community-driven & evidence-based cryptocurrency calendar.

Use this site to: Determine if your Cryptocurrencies have any potential value changing news upcoming.


TradingView is an advanced financial visualization platform that allows users to plot their own trading strategy on a chart. There are also many professional traders that offer potential trade ideas.

Use this site to: Plot your own Technical Analyses on charts. Also useful to find advice on many Cryptocurrencies that may turn into profitable trades.

RSI Hunter

RSI Hunter updates the current RSI (Relative Strength Index) of many Cryptocurrencies every minute. It lists Cryptocurrencies that are currently Overbought or Oversold.

Use this site to: Determine when particular Cryptocurrencies are overbought or oversold, which may assist you in finding profitable positions to buy or sell.

Coin Checkup

Coincheckup is a Cryptocurrency analysis and research platform designed to offer transparent information on each Cryptocurrency and help investment decisions. The latest predictions on Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and other 1400 coins can be found.

Use this site to: Research Cryptocurrencies that interest you.

100 Cryptocurrencies Explained

Quick summaries of the 100 most popular cryptocurrencies.

Use this site to: Find a quick explanation relating to the Cryptocurrency you are interested in.


TokenData lists and provides all the data on current and upcoming Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) and token sales. A very useful site to highlight the fact that many ICO's fail and caution should be exhibited when investing in an ICO.

Use this site to: Research the current price and percentage gain/loss of ICO and Token sales.

Multi Coin Charts

Multiple Coin Charts allows you to view between 1 and 10 Trading View charts to assist in determining trends or correlations between different Cryptocurrencies.

Use this site to: View and compare multiple Trading View charts.

All Time High Prices

This website lists the facts relating to All Time Highs of coins. Available data are: ATH value, current value, time since ATH, percentage drop from ATH.

Use this site to: Understand the movement of certain coins in relation to the All Time High. Can be useful to see the potential a particular coin has (or once had).

Calculation Resources

Percentage Calculator

Percentage Calculator has three options to calculate percentages.
1. What is _% of _
2. _ is what percent of _
3. What is the percentage increase/decrease from _ to _

Use this site to: Determine percentages relating to your Cryptocurrency trades.

Percentage Change Calculator

Percentage change calculator determines the difference in values and the percent change from the original value to the new value.

Use this site to: Determine the percentage change in value of a Cryptocurrency that you have purchased.

Average Transaction Fee

Average transaction fees in a line chart.

Use this site to: Compare transaction fees between numerous cryptocurrencies over time.

Stock Profit Calculator

Stock profit calculator calculates your total profit or loss on a particular Cryptocurrency that you buy and sell. The calculator allows you to enter the buying price and selling price as well as trading commissions for each trade.

Use this site to: Find the total profit or loss on each buy and sell.

Stock Average Calculator

Stock average calculator calculates the average cost of your Cryptocurrency when you purchase the same Cryptocurrency multiple times.

Use this site to: Find the average cost of your Cryptocurrency purchases when you are averaging in as a price rises or falls.

Cryptocurrency News

Coin Telegraph

One of the best Cryptocurrency news sites, with articles ranging from general crypto news, analysis and reviews about technology, finance, blockchain, markets and much more.

Use this site to: Find news about a massive range of Cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency News

A huge hub of Cryptocurrency News and archived stories relating to Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency.

Use this site to: Find news about a massive range of Cryptocurrencies.

Forums and Social Resources

BitcoinTalk Forum

BitcoinTalk is a very popular forum that focuses on Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies.

Use this site to: Find user submitted information and general news about all things Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency Reddit

The Reddit community is full of Cryptocurrency subreddits. A very useful source of frequently updated links and information relating to practically every Cryptocurrency in existence. Reddit works by upvoting the most popular posts to the top of the reading queue.

Use this site to: Find current information relating to specific coins and tokens.

Tweet Sentiment Visualization

Enter a keyword and this website pulls recent tweets from Twitter relating to your keyword and presents many options to assess the data. It's useful for those interested in understanding the current sentiment of a particular Cryptocurrency.

Use this site to: Determine the overall sentiment of particular Cryptocurrencies trending on Twitter.

Technical Analysis Training


New to trading? BabyPips has a forex trading course which is very useful for beginners. The lessons learned can be directly applied to Crypto trading.

Use this site to: Hone your trading skills to become a more profitable trader and learn to read and understand charts and market trends.