Selling Bitcoin is the final step – Here comes the profitable part! 

You’ve now gone through all the stages of getting involved in the world of Cryptocurrency. It’s now time to sell your Bitcoin or other Cryptocurrency for a nice profit. You only want to be selling Bitcoin when you are in the profit zone. 

Just like the buying stage – Do not rush into this part.

Read the market and have a look at whether Bitcoin (or your chosen Cryptocurrency) is currently trading high or low.

You’ll want to be selling Bitcoin when it is high. Just like buying, there are waves containing dips and peaks. You need to time your sell when the chart shows that your Bitcoin (or other Cryptocurrency) is at its highest value. Therefor you’ll be selling Bitcoin at the highest possible value to the potential buyers and yielding the greatest profit for yourself.


Again, in my example below I have used CoinSpot, as it is seriously the easiest for newcomers for selling Bitcoin.

Click on the Buy/Sell tab

This will take you to a page where you can select which Cryptocurrency you are interested in Selling.

Click on the Sell button

Clicking the ‘Sell BTC’ button will take you to a page where you can place an order to sell your Bitcoin. Should you wish to sell a different Cryptocurrency, just find that one in the list and click on its ‘Sell’ button.




Enter the amount you wish to sell

In my example you can see that I wish to sell 1.5 Bitcoins. You can see that I have the output currency set as AUD, but you can choose dozens of other currencies to swap your Bitcoins into.

Confirm your transaction

A confirmation screen like this will pop up. Click the ‘Confirm’ button and you now have AUD$15,863.145 in your account. 

(Wouldn’t that be great!)