Margin Trading on BitMEX is one of the areas of Cryptocurrency trading that has really caught my attention lately.

What is Margin Trading?

With Margin Trading you can still make profits even when Bitcoin is falling in price!

I have compiled a guide that will help you get started on your Margin Trading journey. It is written through the eyes of a beginner who has spent many hours understanding the BitMEX exchange. I feel very confident on there now and have seen my profits increase greatly due to my comprehension of the procedures that make Margin Trading work.

In my guide I explain many of the features the exchange has to offer, such as how to set Stop Losses, Limit Orders, Taking Profit Orders and many more. I also share some of my Staggering Strategies that have helped me keep up with a moving market.

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Once you’ve registered, read my guide and learn how the system works. Trade safe everyone!


Click the image below for my PDF guide!