So what are Cryptocurrency Airdrops?

When developers create a new cryptocurrency they need a fast way to advertise and hype their coin or token. This is the main function of an airdrop. Basically a free sample of their new project. Usually a small percentage of a coin or token will be put aside for airdrops. The developer will promote their new coin on all of their social media platforms and hope that the mass of crypto enthusiasts jump onboard and pick up some free tokens.

The idea behind acquiring free airdrops is pretty simple – Free tokens that may one day do what Bitcoin did when it was first created. Start at less than 1 cents worth, then rise up to multiple thousands of dollars worth. Therefore netting the owner untold profits!

The truth is, many of these airdrops, ICO’s and new coins will probably fail to deliver a good product. But, free is free. So if filling out a few basic details and following a twitter feed or two can net you the next Bitcoin, why wouldn’t you give it a shot?

Below I have listed some airdrops that you can acquire free tokens by completing a few simple steps. Most require an Ethereum ERC20 wallet. MetaMask is a very trusted free Ethereum wallet you can use to hold your free airdrop tokens.

TrueDeck (TRUE)

Get 70 free TRUE tokens.

Bulleon (BUL)

Get free BUL tokens


Araw Token (ARAW)

Get 500 free ARAW tokens


Get 4 free DES tokens.

WorkCoin (WRK)

Get 20 free WRK tokens.

Global Advertising Coin (GLAD)

Get 85 free GLAD tokens.

CryptoMillionsLotto (CML)

Get 9 free CML tokens

Disclaimer: Some of these airdrops use my referral link. It wont cost you anything to use my link and I get a small return by directing you to the airdrop campaign. 

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